Our Partners

We are proud to work with some of the best people in the fitness industry. Below are just some of our trusted partners and businesses.


Established by Tim Schleiger and Peter Ellis in 1996, 2G’s unique, holistic approach has enabled it to evolve into one of Melbourne’s leading exercise based rehabilitation facilities.

2G is proud of the fact that over the past 20+ years it has grown organically to now boast a highly respected team of physiotherapists, performance coaches, exercise pysiologists, myotherapists, pilates instructors and strength and conditioning coaches.

2G has worked in the rehabilitation/preventative space with a variety of clientele including professional athletes, corporate executives, weekend warriors and a range of pre and post operative clientele. Our goal is to ensure our clients not only return to physical activity but are provided the tools to reach their full physical capabilities.



VIRUS was created with one goal in mind: producing high performance compression sportswear for dedicated athletes. With this goal in mind, we immediately went to work on designing compression tights, t shirts and other clothing that would enhance the athlete’s performance and aid recovery, too.

Our collection of sports compression wear is designed for the athlete who wants to excel their performance, improve their training and fitness routines, keep warm and comfortable as well as reduce post-workout fatigue. The collection of sports compression gear, available at our online shop, will do just that.

Unique, advanced design is at the forefront of the VIRUS ethos, and our collection of leggings, shorts, t shirts and other compression wear will help take your performance to new heights.